Your gift will DOUBLE with Matching Funds!

Dear friend of St Luke’s, 

You are the reason that St Luke’s community exists.

You pray together every Sunday and all the feasts. You volunteer your precious time to help others. You participate in sacred learning. You engage with your church family in a myriad ways.

Glory to God, you create this community.  And today I’m writing to you to share some wonderful news.

A very generous God-loving person has agreed to match every $1 you give until we’ve reached $25,000! Will you give to your parish today and DOUBLE the impact of your gift?

As you know, St Luke’s is in desperate need of a new home. And I’m hoping you are ready to help today.

I know that I and each one of you will always be tremendously grateful for our temporary quarters. Without the help of our dear brother Stelios, we would have nowhere to worship our Lord.  And that would be the worst thing that could happen! 

But our present situation is not viable. I know you’ll agree with me that finding a suitable home for our parish is extremely important for the life of our church family.

So I’m humbly asking you to urgently respond to my letter today. Aside from the fact that we really need our own church home, we are now able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, thanks to the $25,000 match:

· Your gift of $50 will be doubled by matching funds to $100

· If you can give $200, that’s $400 to help us find a new place

· $500 will double to $1,000! 

· And if you can give $1,000, matching funds will turn your donation into $2,000 for finally securing our own parish home.  

Any amount you can give, will be matched until we reach $25,000. The deadline is March 20th!

We need to have faith and a determination to see our parish through this difficult time by donating generously. Will you join me today in writing a check for St Luke’s?

Without kind and compassionate parishioners who generously give as much as they can, members of your Russian Orthodox community would be without a spiritual home for a very long time.

Your generosity today prevents such a sad and unacceptable outcome.

So, with gratitude to God for everything, and with faith in your kindness, I am asking you to give today. I’m asking you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to help your parish. The sooner we collect $25,000, the sooner we can find suitable new premises for our beloved St Luke’s parish. 

A Strategy Sheet is available on request that explains our next steps after we have collected the first $25,000.

In any case, I hope you join me in praying to God and our patron saint to help us every step of the way. But that won’t be enough. We can’t do without your monetary support

So, please, take your pen now and write out a check for $100, $500, $10,000, $1,000,000, or however much you can. And remember that the hand of the giver never goes empty.

If you can’t write a check, please pray. I and all of us at St Luke’s crave your prayerful support in this new stage of our parish life. 

With much love to you in Christ Jesus and in hopes of your kindness, 

Your priest, 

Rev. Fr Demetrio Romeo

P.S. Until March 20th, your tax-deductible gift will be DOUBLED! Please send your gift in the enclosed envelope as soon as you can, so we get it in time!


Saint Luke the Blessed Surgeon is a registered non-profit 501-(c)(3) Church organization. No goods or services were provided in consideration of this gift.
All contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. (Federal Tax I.D. # 46-4547969)


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Orthodox Quote of the Day

...God comes into our lives when we invite Him with all our being, opening the gates of our heart from the inside. He will not come uninvited... The moment you are willing to give over your whole self to God- surrendering your life, your loved ones, your health, your victories and defeats- He will come to you and help you in ways you never dreamed possible.

Fr. Vojislav Dosenovich