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Please use the web form below to request a Moleben, Pannykhida, or Akathist for the Departed. If you prefer you may download one of the commemoration slips at the bottom of this page, print and complete it, and mail it to us.

Request a Moleben

A Moleben is an intercessory service conducted by a priest, asking our Saviour, the Mother of God, or one of the saints for assistance with a specific matter (e.g. illness, family difficulties, employment, travel, etc.). This service can be offered in behalf of the living (Orthodox and non-Orthodox). This type of supplicatory service is known as a paraklisis in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Request Pannykhida or Akathist for the Departed

A Pannykhida is a prayer service offered by a priest for the repose of the soul of an Orthodox Christian who has departed this life. Customarily a pannykhida is served on the third, ninth, and fortieth day after the repose of the Orthodox Christian, and every year on the anniversary of the repose. The pannykhida is essentially the same as memorial services offered in Orthodox Churches outside the Russian tradition, known variously as the parastas, pannychis, or in abbreviated form as the “Trisagion for the Dead.”

Only departed Orthodox Christians may be commemorated at a pannykhida. However, if you wish to include non-Orthodox departed, you may request an Akathist for the Departed. A clergyman or monk will pray this service in behalf of those commemorated.

Send a Prayer Request

The moleben, pannykhida, or Akathist, will be served on the earliest date possible following our reception of your request, unless you specify a particular date in the “additional information” area below.

Please select a Moleben (service for the living), a Pannykhida (service for departed Orthodox Christians only), or Akathist for the Departed (prayers for the departed, both Orthodox and non-Orthodox).

Please submit proper first names (not nicknames or diminutives) for commemoration below (e.g. “Alexander,” not “Alex” or “Sasha;” “Patricia,” not “Patsy” or “Trish”). For Orthodox Christians, this means a baptismal name or the name used when receiving Holy Communion.

Upon making a request for a Moleben, Pannykhida, or similar service, it is customary in the Russian Orthodox Church to bring an offering to God and His Church from the fruit of one’s labor.

Make a Donation by Mail

If you prefer, you may download and print a commemoration slip in pdf format. After you have completed it, you may send it along with your donation to:

Saint Luke the Blessed Surgeon
1301 E Atlantic Blvd, Unit 5
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060



Orthodox Quote of the Day

...God comes into our lives when we invite Him with all our being, opening the gates of our heart from the inside. He will not come uninvited... The moment you are willing to give over your whole self to God- surrendering your life, your loved ones, your health, your victories and defeats- He will come to you and help you in ways you never dreamed possible.

Fr. Vojislav Dosenovich